NLGSF Prospective Intern Form 2022

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The National Lawyers Guild of San Francisco Bay Area is seeking law student interns 2L and up as placements for the Summer 2022 semester. In your internship you will have the opportunity to work closely with attorneys and other legal professionals; develop writing samples; be exposed to a diverse range of legal workers, organizations, and law firms; gain hands on experience in the legal field; have access to professional development and political education; and develop an orientation to progressive movement lawyering.

We can offer:
● Pro bono hours (as per State Bar requirements)
● Credit-earning internships and externships

You can see a full listing of internship opportunities for Summer 2022 here:
Contact our intern program coordinator at after you fill out this form and submit your references using the webform and instructions linked below.

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Please indicate what your preferred start/end dates are, your school and year (if applicable), if you are looking for credit hours or a stipend, and your availability.


Please give us up to 3 references (NLG Members, Staff of Social Justice or Legal Advocacy Orgs, Fellow Activists, Progressive Attorneys). It is your responsibility to send this form to your reference(s). Your application will be considered incomplete until we receive responses from your references.