Prisoner Advocacy Network Volunteer Form

The Prisoner Advocacy Network

We are a volunteer network of attorneys, legal workers, law student, activists, and family members collaborating with people in solitary confinement and similar conditions of administrative segregation, adjustment centers and gender-based segregation in California prisons on advocating for their humanity and rights. Volunteers will advocate for individual prisoners and their loved ones experiencing discrimination, retaliation or a lack of upholding of their rights as well as gather evidence and documentation of the conditions of torture and violations of human rights prisoners in the SHU and like-conditions face.

Who We Support

Our focus is narrow and specific – supporting people in California’s solitary confinement and similar conditions of isolation such as security housing units (SHUs), administrative segregation, and gender-based segregation. We prioritize advocating for jailhouse lawyers and those engaged in political activity.


As an outside volunteer you are agreeing to a commitment of one year until an issue is resolved, whichever is shorter. More is encouraged. You will work with one individual inside prison, or a family member to advocate for better conditions. This may take the form of gathering documentation and evidence, writing advocacy letters or calling prison officials, elected officials, and other regulators on behalf of the incarcerated person or family member.

For more information, please visit our page.